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PIM Solutions: Customer-Facing Product Data


Product Information Management: Single View of Product Data

BoostMySale enables you to manage buyer-centric supply-chain related product data such as item dimensions and weights. Our PIM solution provides a single repository for consumer-ready product content that can be made accessible across the enterprise to internal users (brand managers, marketing, account managers) and external channel partners, such as retail distributors and resellers.
Reduce Time-To-Market for New Product Launches
with our PIM solution, most of your product content creation life cycle stages can be automated and you can get new products quickly into the hands of customers. BoostMySale streamlines the processes for creating, approving, publishing, and syndicating consumer-ready product content.
Support Larger Product Catalogs
You may have a large number of SKUs that you're selling online and it can be increased by a factor of five to ten times over the time. BoostMySale PIM provides a scalable solution that enables you to rapidly increase the SKUs & products you sell online without having to worry about system scalability.
Ensure A Consistent Cross-Channel Customer Experience
No matter which channel a product is being sold through, BoostMySale ensures that your customers receive a consistent experience. Our bulk import feature enables you easy update of product information in bulk and your products always have the correct & most up-to-date information across online retail sites, print catalogs, store displays, kiosks, and mobile.


and if we don’t, we’ll create a custom one just for you..

Boost My Sale Enterprise not only helps increase your visibility and sales exponentially but also automates and streamlines your processes to allow you to focus on growing your business.

We takes care of your entire e-commerce ecosystem. Everything from product catalog to structuring your warehouse and shipment. Our innovative technology allows you to push products automatically onto leading marketplaces such as Ebay & Amazon, as well as create your own Facebook store.

All of this from a single window.

Consolidated and centralized product data


PIM Software: Multi-Channel Product Content

BoostMySale simplifies and streamlines processes associated with product content creation and updates. It enables you to manage high volumes of product information and catalogs across numerous collaborative environments. In addition, it supports product related workflow tasks and synchronization.
Product/Category Management
BoostMySale enables you to syndicate your product catalogs from multiple suppliers. Our comprehensive product classification and categorization enables support for product hierarchy and discovery, on-site search and navigation, detailed product comparison, etc.
Effectively Managing Multiple Catalogs
BoostMySale ensures proper display of your products and it helps you to manage product information as a hierarchically structured catalog. We enable you to define a catalog structure, create a master taxonomy, classify and categorize products, manage catalog versions and import multiple supplier catalogs.
Product Content Consistency
BoostMySale efficiently manage extensive product descriptions, feature lists and user guides. Our pre-integrated digital asset management enables effective management of video, images, zoom and rotate functionality. Using our PIM solution, you can easily manage the user-generated content, customer reviews and product ratings.

Seamless Shopping Experiences

High-Quality Product Content
BoostMySale provides you with the flexibility to adapt to changing business demands and evolving end user requirements. Our cloud based SAAS architecture can be easily adapted to address specific customer requirements, optimizing every customer interaction to enhance the overall shopping experience.
Information-Rich Shopping Experience
As an enterprise, you may use various touch points to interact with customers like web-store, call centers, mobile devices, point of sale terminals, etc. Regardless of the medium, customers expect a seamless and information-rich shopping experience that is targeted to their individual needs. BoostMySale delivers a consistent shopping experience that is flexible enough to respond to changing customer needs and preferences.
Seamless Launching of New Products
Introducing, promoting, and selling new or revamped products has traditionally been a labor-intensive process for companies that is often fraught with mistakes and inconsistent or incomplete product content and communications. BoostMySale's PIM solution automates the processes associated with defining new product attributes and definitions, ensuring that any new or updated content is properly captured and coordinated for use across all channels.
SEO Friendly Product Content
BoostMySale enables you to manage unique and rich product content to improve SEO. You can use unified view of customer information to present alternative, complementary and up-sell products. We help you to create exceptional omni-channel customer experiences through consistent product content and unified corporate design. Furthermore, you can re-use accurate content for various campaigns across different channels.


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  • Comprehensive Product Cataloging
    BoostMySale offers extensive catalog capabilities that allows you to easily add product categories, move categories within catalogs, remove categories, and edit product data. By creating a master catalog category structure, you can proactively group product attributes in order to simplify the management of product data independent of specific product catalogs.
  • Centralized Product Content Repository
    BoostMySale provides a single view of product data across all channels, marketplaces and web-store. Our next generation PIM solution enables you to easily update content, enrich the customer experience with user-generated content such as personal experiences, consolidate data globally, and aggregate and enhance content for cross-channel campaigns.
  • Eliminate Manual Categorization
    With BoostMySale's PIM solution, you can get multiple hierarchical and aggregated views of product and catalog data for individual channels, customers, partners, or suppliers. In addition, product content can be easily grouped and categorized by attributes and easily manipulated through advanced search functionality and out-of-the-box wizards.
  • Enrich Content and Ensure Data Quality
    To deliver product information that is complete, accurate, and useful, you must enhance existing content by filling in gaps and adding additional value. BoostMySale's PIM solution helps you to maintain a more complete picture of your product data that can effectively communicate the brand value and implement cross-channel campaigns.
  • Automated Reports and Track Performance
    With BoostMySale's PIM solution, you can run automated reports about your product information that has been combined from multiple data sources. These reports can give you a realistic overview of which product is selling more and why. In addition, you can easily track the performance of your top 10 products and their current in-stock status.
  • Properly Protect Your Product Data
    BoostMySale provides security capabilities in the Web application architecture, such as identifying security loopholes, providing encryption functionality, and preventing unauthorized individuals from reading or changing content. Administrators set access rights to specify at a granular level which types of attributes a user may see or edit.