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B2C Commerce

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B2C Ecommerce Services: Unified Shopping Experiences for Your Customers


B2C Ecommerce Platform: Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere

With BoostMySale, you can manage your orders from multiple channels - Marketplaces, Web, Mobile, Call Center, Kiosk - all in one place. Our real-time order processing and inventory tracking system will enable your customers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere experience.
Seamless Web-Store Operations
BoostMySale B2C cloud is automatically upgraded several times throughout the year, delivering a steady stream of new features and enhancements without disrupting day-to-day retail operations. Our platform enables shoppers to choose how to display items on a page and place an order without any trouble.

B2C Ecommerce Services: Real-Time Inventory Access

Get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet customers’ promised delivery dates, make smarter fulfillment decisions and utilize stock from the most cost effective locations by unifying different inventory pools across multiple channels.
Smooth Order Processing
Manage orders from multiple channels such as Marketplaces, Web-Store, Mobile, Call Center, Kiosk — all in one place. Customers always know exactly what's happening with their order. You’ll process orders faster, satisfy more customers and lower operational costs.


and if we don’t, we’ll create a custom one just for you..

Boost My Sale Enterprise not only helps increase your visibility and sales exponentially but also automates and streamlines your processes to allow you to focus on growing your business.

We takes care of your entire e-commerce ecosystem. Everything from product catalog to structuring your warehouse and shipment. Our innovative technology allows you to push products automatically onto leading marketplaces such as Ebay & Amazon, as well as create your own Facebook store.

All of this from a single window.

360° Customer Service

Intuitive Call Center Service
You can easily track and manage all inbound customer emails and phone calls with help of an external call center service integrated with our platform. Delegate customer requests to service agents and configure personalized email response templates for quick responses.
Returns and Exchanges
When an item return or exchange request is placed by a customer, your call center agents can quickly generate a return or exchange. With BoostMySale, you can seamlessly manage stock reallocation, email notifications, payment refund, financial reconciliation, and customer profile updating.
Customer Engagement
Engage customers on a deeply personal level. Delight them with the right experience at the perfect moment to build unbreakable bonds. BoostMySale helps you to build a strong content strategy on social networks to drive customer engagement.
Deliver Extraordinary Customer Experiences
BoostMySale provides consistent and personalized cross-channel experiences, targeted marketing and superior customer service with a single view of all customer interactions and transactions across all touchpoints and channels.

Personalized Marketing And Promotions

Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters & Emails
BoostMySale platform enables you to create sophisticated digital marketing campaigns that work across all channels. Our omni-channel marketing capabilities help you engage millions of individuals in context with the right message at the right time through the right channel.
Customer Experience Analytics
Maximize your campaign performance with advanced analytics that can deliver actionable insights into customer actions. With help of the BoostMySale Reporting module, you can access and automate reporting data that suits your business needs. You can easily take action on future campaigns based on marketing analytics.
Customized Product Promotions
Create sophisticated promotions that work across all channels. Know who abandoned a shopping cart and its reasons, then follow up with an email with a coupon for the items abandoned. BoostMySale helps you to improve traffic with flexible coupon and promotion management tools.
Customer Segmentation
Determine the best customer segmentation strategy over time for campaign optimization. BoostMySale supports campaign optimization by delivering the most relevant and profitable offers to the specific customer groups. It can help meet marketing objectives while reducing customer contact fatigue.

Why choose BoostMySale B2C Commerce?

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  • Better Customer Service
    BoostMySale provides a robust set of customer service tools at your fingertips, drive increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Higher Sales Efficiency
    With the BoostMySale web-shop, orders can be placed anytime and anywhere, less mistakes are made and customers are better served.
  • More Revenue
    BoostMySale B2C platform will save time and money, make your business future-proof and eventually result in higher revenues.
  • In-Store Productivity
    Improve productivity by empowering store managers with the tools, training and technology they need to respond to customer expectations.
  • Built-In Flexibility
    BoostMySale's flexibility lets you scale up, spin off, adopt new business models quickly and easily. With every upgrade, your configurations and customization migrate seamlessly.
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Deliver targeted, relevant content and options through our advanced personalization. You can build unique customizations and integrations easily on our platform.